What We Do

Jack CherryJack Cherry is the eleven year old hero who helps kids be more confident and ignore bullies.

He does this by helping children understand their emotions, harness the useful ones and ditch the ones that don’t help them.

Inspiring Children

Jack Cherry Limited is the social enterprise that publishes the materials and videos that inspire children:

Jack Cherry and The Juicer

Jack Cherry and The Juicer is the story of how Jack discovers that feelings come from thoughts like juice comes from fruit. It’s a digital comic.

Jack Cherry’s Remarkable Recipe for SATS Success

Jack Cherry’s Remarkable Recipe for SATS Success is the programme (video and activity poster) that helps kids use the juicer to achieve better SATs results.

In Children’s Publishing Since 1989

Author Simon Benn leads Jack Cherry Limited and has been in children’s publishing since 1989.

Jack Cherry in Children Publishing since 1989

  • Saving children’s lives through the distribution of 5 million copies of “Roald Dahl’s Guide to Railway Safety”, and safety materials for the HSE, electricity and water companies
  • Helping children learn about business through The Times 100 Case Studies, generating 12 million website downloads each year
  • Keeping children occupied on trains through activity books for Eurostar and other railway companies
  • Engaging youngsters on work experience with interesting and productive tasks relevant to their schoolwork
  • Helping children learn more about conservation and the environment through a club for Worldwide Fund for Nature.

Meet The Team

Simon Benn

Simon Benn
Chief Executive

Simon leads the business and works with our partners.

Jack Cherry

Jack Cherry

Jack helps kids be happy, learn more and achieve more.



Lisa is a teacher and writes our materials to maximise curriculum relevance, usage in schools and impact.



Ian ensures all our artwork does justice to Les’ illustrations.



Les illustrates all our materials to bring them alive for young people.