How Can You Inspire Your Pupils to Better SATs results?

Watch This Video That Proves The Product Works

Your Pupils Will Learn How To:

  • Stop negative thoughts and feelings impacting their SATs results.
  • Pick the thoughts and feelings that will help them succeed.
  • Inspire themselves to achieve their true potential.
  • Ignore others and believe in themselves.
  • Be resilient under pressure.

The products have been developed, tested, re-worked, tested again, honed and proven with over 500 children of all abilities and backgrounds.

You can deliver the product in one lesson:

  • Hand the Activity Posters to your Year 6s.
  • Play them the DVD where I guide them through completing the Activity Posters.
  • Have a class discussion on what they’ve learned.

How Will This Benefit You?

Here are some of the benefits head teachers see in our products:

  • attract more new parents to the school so they can increase school budget
  • improve the relationship with parents and PTAs so they can raise more money for school funds
  • increase their bonus
  • increase their chances of securing their next headship through driving improvements in results.

Year 6 teachers are telling us that Jack Cherry helps them:

  • secure their performance related pay
  • have a better chance of winning promotion to deputy head
  • make their lives easier with a simple, quick and easy way to increase confidence and results.

Here’s what the pupils will do:

  • Identify their very own unique fruity thoughts that will inspire them to SATs success…confident coconuts, positive peaches etc.
  • Recognise how those fruity thoughts create the juicy feelings to inspire action.
  • Figure out the actions they will take now they’re inspired.
  • Pick the good fruity thoughts to replace bad fruity thoughts like stressed strawberries that could impact their success.
  • Ignore other children who try to put nasty nectarines in their juicer by saying they’re no good at school.

These products are proven way to support all the great work you’re already doing to prepare your pupils for success. They’re also a great investment at £89.

Pupils  were asked to finish the sentence “Now I know about the Juicer…” The sentences below are quotes from some of the 500 children who’ve tested the juicer.

“I can feel confident about SATs.” Annie, 11

“I can now be confident and brave in SATs and in tests.” Elena, 11

“I can be happy when I do SATs. Also, I can close my lid when people are mean to me.” Ellie, 10

“I can put the lid on and be confident, I can stop nasty thoughts and be happy about tests.” Oliver, 10

“I can stop bad fruits going into my mind and look forward to tests and always be positive about tests.” Kayleigh, 10

“I won’t be worried about the SATs. I can stop nasty thoughts.” Aoife, 11

“I can make mathematical melon juice and get full marks on my SATs paper.” Charlie, 11

“I can always be happy and believe in myself and no-one can get me down.” Travis, 11

“I can be happy for the rest of my life because I want it that way in my tests and SATs.” Jack, 10

Here’s How Your Children Will Enjoy Those Benefits And Achieve Better SATs:

  • They will be led step-by-step through engaging videos that explain how to use the juicer to do their very best in their SATs.
  • They will receive colourful activity materials to reinforce their learnings.
  • They will do fun activities to deepen their understanding
  • They will apply what they’ve learned to prepare for their SATs.
  • They will inspire themselves to work harder and do more, to do better.

We appreciate time is short during the school day. You can watch this DVD and lead your Year 6 pupils through the completion of the Activity Poster in one lesson.

Preparation time is minimal…just watch the 20 minute DVD and have a look through the activity posters.

I realise money is tight for a lot of schools and that you don’t me so this requires a leap of faith – all you have is my word that this product works and what the children say on this web page.

I’ve been in educational publishing since 1989 and I’ve used all the knowledge gained over that time to create a great product.

The bundle is available at an all-inclusive price of £89. That includes VAT, postage and packing.

I appreciate it’s tricky to get everyone involved to agree to trying a new resource.

Try it before SATs start on May 11th and if you don’t like it, let us know and we won’t send you an invoice.

Here’s what you will receive if you decide this product is right for your school:

Jack Cherry's Remarkable Recipe for SATs Success

  • a class set of 30 activity posters setting out the recipe for SATs success step-by-step
  • an engaging DVD that guides pupils through this recipe.