Here’s How Your School Will Benefit From Jack Cherry’s Remarkable Recipe For SATs Success

Your Pupils Will Learn How To:

  • Stop negative thoughts and feelings impacting their SATs results.
  • Pick the thoughts and feelings that will help them succeed.
  • Inspire themselves to achieve their true potential.
  • Ignore others and believe in themselves.
  • Be resilient under pressure.

How Will This Benefit You?

Here are some of the benefits head teachers see in our products:

  • attract more new parents to the school so they can increase school budget
  • improve the relationship with parents and PTAs so they can raise more money for school funds
  • increase their bonus
  • increase their chances of securing their next headship through driving improvements in results.

Year 6 teachers are telling us that Jack Cherry will help them:

  • secure their performance related pay
  • have a better chance of winning promotion to deputy head
  • make their lives easier with a simple, quick and easy way to increase confidence and results.

What could Jack Cherry do for YOU?

Here’s how YOU will reap the benefits:

Jack Cherry's Remarkable Recipe for SATs Success

  • a class set of 30 activity posters setting out the recipe for SATs success step-by-step
  • an engaging DVD that guides pupils through this recipe.

This involves the children:

  • Identifying their very own unique fruity thoughts that will inspire them to SATs success…confident coconuts, positive peaches etc.
  • Recognising how those fruity thoughts create the juicy feelings to inspire action.
  • Figuring out the actions they will take now they’re inspired.
  • Picking the good fruity thoughts to replace bad fruity thoughts like stressed strawberries that could impact their success.
  • Ignoring other children who try to put nasty nectarines in their juicer by saying they’re no good at school.

These products are proven and a great investment at £89. Pupils  were asked to finish the sentence “Now I know about the Juicer…” The sentences below are quotes from some of the 500 children who’ve tested the juicer.

“I can feel confident about SATs.” Annie, 11

“I can now be confident and brave in SATs and in tests.” Elena, 11

“I can be happy when I do SATs. Also, I can close my lid when people are mean to me.” Ellie, 10

“I can put the lid on and be confident, I can stop nasty thoughts and be happy about tests.” Oliver, 10

“I can stop bad fruits going into my mind and look forward to tests and always be positive about tests.” Kayleigh, 10

“I won’t be worried about the SATs. I can stop nasty thoughts.” Aoife, 11

“I can make mathematical melon juice and get full marks on my SATs paper.” Charlie, 11

“I can always be happy and believe in myself and no-one can get me down.” Travis, 11

“I can be happy for the rest of my life because I want it that way in my tests and SATs.” Jack, 10

Here’s How Your Children Will Enjoy Those Benefits And Achieve Better SATs:

  • They will be led step-by-step through engaging videos that explain how to use the juicer to do their very best in their SATs.
  • They will receive colourful activity materials to reinforce their learnings.
  • They will do fun activities to deepen their understanding
  • They will apply what they’ve learned to prepare for their SATs.
  • They will inspire themselves to work harder and do more, to do better.

We appreciate time is short during the school day. Children can watch the videos and complete the activity poster at home.

The products have been developed, tested, re-worked, tested again, honed and proven with over 500 children of all abilities and backgrounds.

Follow up research two months after activity sessions have proven that the concept sticks in children’s minds.

The normal price is £149. I realise money is tight for a lot of schools. So I’m making the bundle available for a limited period at an all-inclusive price of £89. That includes VAT, postage and packing.

And there’s a lifetime money back guarantee if your kids don’t ‘get’ it.


So How And Why Did I Create This?

If you’d rather not know the stuff before Jack Cherry took over my life, skip this bit.

I went into the family educational publishing business straight from university in 1989 and took over when my father retired in 1996.

I had a LOT of ups and downs over the next few years. 2000 was particularly tough, we lost a lot of money and I had to make some people redundant and move to smaller, cheaper premises. When I finally got the business back in shape I realised that the profits hadn’t actually made me happy because I was still worried about things going wrong.

I went looking for what would make me happier more of the time and eventually sold the business when I found out the answer.

I then tried a couple of ventures to share what I’d learned with small and big businesses, these didn’t work out.

But there was a massive lesson – I’d always been scared of failure but when the two ventures failed, I was okay. What I’d learned about happiness had actually worked! I’d survived my worst nightmare.

Whilst researching how to avoid another failure, I came across the proven process for success, how our thoughts drive our feelings, actions and results. I studied this in-depth, side-to-side and upside-down. It stacked up.

Then the search was on for the next venture to share this with others.

The Bit About Developing Jack Cherry Starts Here…

I woke up one sunny Monday in July 2013 with the idea of writing a children’s book. Totally inspired, I started right away.

I needed to distill what I’d learned about thoughts, feelings, actions and results into a child friendly message and somehow write that into a story.

Me and my wife only have a Labrador and 2 Kune Kune pigs, unfortunately they’ve not got many insights on how kids think. So I talked to every child, teacher, parent and teaching assistant I knew over the summer holidays.

The story started as Simon and The Sausage Machine but I abandoned that title quickly because sausages mean something rude to 10 year olds boys. 8 months later the story became Jack Cherry and The Juicer.

I recruited Amanda to help me with the project. She’s got a ten year old and a thirteen year old so they’ve been a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

Amanda hit the phone as the Christmas term started and got me into see 35 head teachers to ensure that they liked the story, thought kids would like it and understand the concept.

They all liked it. 25 out of the 35 said they’d read the manuscript. 1 out of 25 gave me comments. The others just didn’t have time to read it. And that really mattered because if they didn’t read it, their kids would never see it.


What on earth could I do? The story needed to be shorter so more teachers would read it.

A comic? Yes! And that would mean Jack Cherry had to be fun! It must NOT seem like schoolwork even if kids read at school.

I skyped one of my friend’s children who’s a keen reader.

“So, Jake you like reading books. You liked reading my story. But what about your friends, do they all like reading books?”


“Do you think it’s important they all get these messages, Jake?”


“Ok so how do we do that for kids that don’t like reading?”

“You do a comic.”

Jake had come to the same solution as me, on his own. Result!

So I shrunk the 10,000 word book I’d spent 4 months writing into the eight page comic you’ve already got.

By this time it was November and I’d got some slots booked in schools to talk to kids about the Juicer.

Over the next 16 months we developed and proved the process and activities in Jack Cherry’s Remarkable Recipe for SATs Success.

In A Nutshell…

Kids love it, parents and teachers love it too. “The Juicer is magic” said one 10 year old boy. His words send tingles running up my arms as the hairs stand on end.

My mission is for every child in the world to know this stuff. I’m doing that one child and one class at a time.

All the best,


If You Decide This Solution Is Right For Your School,
You Will Receive:

Jack Cherry's Remarkable Recipe for SATs Success

  • a class set of 30 activity posters setting out the recipe for SATs success step-by-step
  • an engaging DVD that guides pupils through this recipe.